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Moving to a new country as an international student is an adventure. To make sure your adventure is filled with memorable moments, keep coming back to our blog. We’re always talking about the events, restaurants and experiences you don’t want to miss during your time down under.

Life in Melbourne

If you love culture, you’ve come to the right place. Melbourne is known for its art, music and cuisine. Melburnians love to shop, eat and hang out in über cool bars in alleyways. Want to join them?

Life in Melbourne

5 Melbourne Cafes You Must Try

Eating out for breakfast, and coffee is a cornerstone of the Melbourne lifestyle. Because of this, there’s an insane amount of cafes to choose from. The following 5 cafes are…

17 Mar 2016
Semester in Australia Blog - Melbourne Education News

MELBOURNE is not just the “capital of cool”, but will be Australia’s largest city by 2050, new research shows

Could Melbourne outgrow Sydney? Read the full article 

11 Dec 2014
Aussie Bloke - Semester in Australia Blog Life in Brisbane

Typical Aussie Bloke?

What do you think of when you think about “the typical Aussie guy”? This article may change your thinking. Photo thanks to

29 Oct 2014
Weekend Trips From Brisbane and The Gold Coast - Australian Beaches Life in Brisbane

The Best Weekend Trips From Brisbane and The Gold Coast

If you are a new resident to Brisbane or The Gold Coast, you are now living in prime-position to explore some of Australia’s greatest beach towns. Even better, you don’t…

16 Feb 2016
Think You Know All About Australia - Semester in Australia Blog Education News

Think you know all about Australia

Well maybe think again?   Article by Joe Batruny for and photo by Nigel Howe

16 Oct 2014
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