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Moving to a new country as an international student is an adventure. To make sure your adventure is filled with memorable moments, keep coming back to our blog. We’re always talking about the events, restaurants and experiences you don’t want to miss during your time down under.

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Here is where we post about the things you need to know as an international student living in Australia. From changes to student visas to information on Australian universities, you can find it here.

Education News

New documentary looks at the ‘value’ of education

IVORY TOWER is a hard- hitting documentary from director Andrew Rossi about the value of higher education and how colleges (in America) have come to embrace the business model that…

11 Sep 2014
Education News

Travel tips from frequent travellers

Thanks to for these great travel tips. I am sure our students can add some more from their experience!

16 Jul 2014
Education News

We guess most SiA students can relate to this!

26 Things Only People Who Studied Abroad In Australia Will Understand Thanks to     

10 Jul 2014
Weekend Trips From Brisbane and The Gold Coast - Australian Beaches Life in Brisbane

The Best Weekend Trips From Brisbane and The Gold Coast

If you are a new resident to Brisbane or The Gold Coast, you are now living in prime-position to explore some of Australia’s greatest beach towns. Even better, you don’t…

16 Feb 2016
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